Diana got reassigned for believing the Israelis cheering the bombs to be scum, and also bits of scummy because they threatened her if her report wasn’t up to their snuff. There’s two sides to every coin and there is too much sympathy going to the wrong side of that coin. Pay attention. Think for yourself. Think like a decent human being.

Lots of information coming for you this weekend (Saturday the 19th July)

so check back then or pay attention that whole time through. mostly to do with the Blue Telephone album I’ve been working on with Corey Green.

some other stuff as well though, a lot going on, and a lot has happened, as some of you may well know.

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I’m so glad I bought more of these smoke bombs

She was (heat)

there was a face
pressed close
up into the mirror
and looking
at the same face
and fingers poking
into this space and that

she was looking into
herself and looking for
that space he saw
months or years or
days before

and she found it

beneath the light-switch

Why do you dislike John Green?

- Asked by Anonymous

I don’t have much time for misogynistic, slightly sexist middle class white men who don’t use their position of power over the youth of our world to actually write something realistic, inspirational, or even half true.

"It’s been brought to my attention that John Green can eat my penis."


did the marriage thing yesterday, then did the drinking and dancing thing until way too late at night.



1:04am 06212014


he thinks up
goes aside and aside and aside

the fall as low and in between
as a domino’s eye

a lone saxophone player
on stage
sings to you with
lungs empty

he thinks up
another way to get back
home with you

back home there
are rodents lurking
in the tiny nooks
the oven

it’s too hot for heat
and yet it’s too much
for him to counter it

pushing the cigarette
into the ashtray
he falls back
into the couch

sinks into the couch

breathes in slowly
and knows
he has gone aside aside aside


taken from “Satellite Songs”, from HARPOON


taken from “Satellite Songs”, from HARPOON

Hail Satan.