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"Don’t write about that girl and all that love. We get it. We all spent our entire lives chasing it. Loneliness is the second killer. Write about life. That driving to the gas station at 5:30 in the morning sudden diagnosis with cancer that your mother got. That time you fought parking spaces. Or when you stared at bottles of soda for hours too goddamn stoned out of your mind to just choose cream soda. We don’t give a fuck about that chick you’ve been crushing on. A million people have died crushing someone just the same. Tell us about the goddamn cream soda man."


being sick at least lets me catch up on my beading. latest brooch: cat lady vibes!

Joshua Robert Long & Corey Green - Midnight (We Are)

Parquet Courts - Master Of My Craft

Blue Telephone

So today is International Blue Telephone Day.

This coming Tuesday was going to be the release date, but that has been changed to right this second.

Welcome to International Blue Telephone Day.

A little bit of information for you:

Blue Telephone was recorded by my friend Corey Green and myself. Corey recorded all of the music bits and I read poetry over them. There are two tracks on the album though that were written by my friend Kyle Sotello and myself. They are called “Seeing All The Breezeways At Once” and the album closing track, known as “Every Airport All At Once”. 

Now the technical information:

The album is sold on a “Name Your Price” variable. Meaning, as you probably already figured out, you can pay nothing for the album, or you can pay fifty cents, or fifty dollars. My suggestion would be sit around and stream it once, and then pay whatever you feel it is worth. I know the internet is a cheap place, so I’m not expecting anything from anyone. I just want people to listen to it, because it was a fun and different way to put some spin on doing a spoken word album.

You can download/stream the album by visiting THIS PLACE. I hope you listen to it, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you download it. 

Also, there will be a video released for “Midnight (We Are)” here at some point today. I hope you enjoy that as well.

Thanks for caring, for listening, and for reading this right now.

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.

Midnight (We Are)

by Joshua Robert Long & Corey Green

ALRIGHT. I just loaded the master copy of Blue Telephone in the computer. As you can see, it’s 9 tracks that are 21 minutes in total. Tomorrow, I will spell out more information, such as a new music video, and a release date for the album. There’ll also be information about an instant download you can take advantage of in conjunction with said music video. So tune back here tomorrow, around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and you will know all that is to know.

Godspeed until then. And thanks for the patience. I know I’m slow.


Finalized it all a few hours ago.

Sorry busy banana.


Tomorrow by noon you’ll know all there is to know.


my most recent beadwork: this portrait brooch of my friend paula’s amazing dog, jordy! she’s moving to portland in a week, and needed something cool to impress my hometown friends with.


The band Blowfly is condoning the sexual assault of a minor on their facebook page, and harassing anyone who disagrees. These are the kind of people who spew this kind of disgusting crap, and then turn around and cry “men get raped, too!” on every feminist post for rape legislation. PLEASE REPORT THIS PAGE TO FACEBOOK. This is so sad and disgusting, and while facebook doesn’t have a great track record with shutting down stuff like this, if enough people complain something might get done. 

EDIT: here’s a link to the original case as well.