The Clock Is Ticking

There aren’t many days left to get involved in the Mixtape contest. It’s the 16th now, and it ends on Sunday.

If you want to enter to win a copy of the book, the contest will work just like the Translating The Avenues & Leaving Frost Upon the Walls competitions. All you have to do is go to the Facebook page for the book and “like” it (click here to visit). You can double your entry by visiting my Facebook page and giving it a “like” as well (click here to visit). If you’re already a fan of one or both, you’re already entered.

Just as before, for those who don’t use Facebook, you can submit entry via the web (click here). In the title section of the submit form, please enter “Mixtape Contest” so it is clear what the entry is for (there are a lot of submissions for random things). Please enter both your name, address, and email information.

This competition will run slightly longer than the previous two, ending on Sunday, February 19th at 8:30PM EST. At that time, I will randomly select a name from the compiled lists of fans.

Also, in case you want some free spoken words for your computer/audio player of your choice, I put one together for all y’all since you’ve all shown such outrageous support over the last few months over the material I’ve compiled over the years.

If you want to download my album, “Out Of The Loud”, (for absolutely nothing) click here to begin the download. 

If you missed out on the info, below is the album cover and the track listing:

The set is twenty readings, which go as follows:
01: Fifty-Two Cars Roll Out
02: When I Told My Brother I Stopped Driving
03: Time Is Wasted On The Young
04: While On Vacation
05: Watching Red Dragon Blues
06: Waking Up In The Kitchenette
07: There’s  Ferris Wheel In My Weekend
08: Stuck In Toronto Greyhound Station
09: Standing Around A Homicide
10: Sleeping On Winter Place
11: The Saints
12: Nights In Olive Sheets
13: Orange Juice Sandwiches
14: Horse Track Romance
15: Insecurity Knocks, Hesitation Waits
16: Breezing In The Fluff
17: Hangovers
18: Cheer Up, Honey
19: Bones That Feast
20: Under The Pedestal

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