The Blacklist:

Beginning later today, at around 8PM EST, I will begin sharing a series of poems that I’m throwing into a new section of the site known as The Blacklist. These poems, which have been sitting around for ages, are all poems that for me personally just didn’t seem to meet my standards. In some way though, I still feel as though they deserve some little time in the limelight, so I decided to pass them along to you, the fans and afficienados of my poetry.

You will be able to immediately identify these poems because they will be constructed on a black background with a white text. That way you can immediately identify their place in the ever-expanding back catalog available for review in the ARCHIVE.

If in the future you want to see all of these blacklisted poems in one place, just click the link to The Blacklist area located at the top of the site,

All the pieces are entirely unedited and appear in their original format. With any luck, one of you will pull something out of one of them and they won’t be an entire waste of life.

Onward & Upward,


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